Manager/Planner at McCollister’s

The Manager/Planner’s Mission

As a Manager/Planner for McCollister’s, you will enhance the performance of Burlington Local/Short Haul Operations by ensuring the adherence to all established policies and procedures as well as the professional maintenance of all assets, personnel, and equipment to attain complete customer satisfaction and maximum expense control.

As a national account executive for McCollister’s, you will help deliver uninterrupted growth in revenue and profit at a rate that is planned and predictable by identifying the highest level needs of the customer and developing unique, non-traditional solution-centric programs that add value to the customer in identifiable bottom-line terms.

The Manager/Planner’s Job Responsibilities

  • Effectively plan in the local/short haul arena to ensure that all customer commitments are met or exceeded

The Manager/Planner’s Job Duties

  • Ensure pickup and delivery commitments, special instructions, and anything else are adhered to
  • Ensure accurate and timely execution of related administrative processes:
    • Performance appraisals
    • All data entry functions (memos and AUTS authorization)
    • Safety-related issues
    • Audit mileage pay sheets for company drivers
    • Unload/load lists to branches and ICC
    • Drivers advances (EFS)
    • Uniform policy
    • Vacations (Dispatch and Service Crews)
  • Planner and Dispatcher Training
  • Monitor and control fleets
    • Enhancing shuttles, local, and short haul
    • Maximize company hauling in all areas
    • Consideration of all fleets to ensure customer satisfaction
  • Reduce claims liability as a percentage of revenue through training, correct planning and pre-planning, and measurements and accountability
  • Quality
    • Promotion of TQM
    • Personal involvement with 1 TQM team
    • Involvement with ISO 9000
  • Personal
    • Recommend tractor/trailer and fleet assignments
    • Control all local/short haul dispatch overtime to confirm to budget constraints
    • Acceptance of a maximum amount of UVL tendered shipments/revenue
    • Capitalize on all opportunities to create additional profits to the organization
    • Be creative (the way it is done today is not necessarily the way it should be done tomorrow). New Ideas are desired
    • Be aggressive in all endeavors at all times
  • Ensure appropriate 2-way communication is performed system-wide
    • Maintain budget adherence to wages, overtime % for all areas (service crews, dispatch), and revenue
  • Inform planners and customer service of delays and problems and assist in resolution
  • Demonstrate proficiency in the use of VCOM/McC dispatch system
    • Complete all necessary van updating
    • Complete all memos
  • Demonstrate proficiency in the use of VanStar
  • Complete all paperwork and computer data entry (memos for billing and order problems)
  • Maintain positive communication and people skills
  • Provide accurate and timely information, relating to all aspects of the movement and company, to the necessary parties:
    • Drivers
    • Customer Service
    • Planning
    • Electronics Warehouse
    • Maintenance
    • Branches
  • Ensure the adherence by the fleet/drivers to all company standards:
    • Safety inspections and qualifications
    • Quality
    • Planning
    • Customer satisfaction
    • Appearance
  • Assist drivers and driver assistants with any problems that occur
  • Analyze daily work schedule to anticipate potential problems
  • Confirm for accuracy of routing and special instructions
  • Control of dispatch counter (driver/driver assistant issues, time clock, customers)
  • Efficiently dispatch all crews in the A.M.
  • Make all necessary schedule changes
  • Handle all dispatching functions (all areas/commodities) while on duty
  • Make all strip maps for A.M. drivers
  • Provide administrative assistance to Operations Support Services as required
  • Maintain on-time percentages


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