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McCollister’s visits the final frontier
with Orion spacecraft move

January 24th, 2014


McCollister’s is used to moving unusual cargo, but how about a multi-million dollar spacecraft that could be the future of space exploration? That’s right, it’s one small step for us, but one giant leap for mankind. Helping explore the stars, we showed our expertise and ability to successfully transport even the most sensitive of equipment.

The Future of Space Travel

A multi-million dollar NASA project, the Orion multi-purpose crew vehicle is set to be the next manned spacecraft to venture out of this world. Used for travelling beyond low Earth orbit, it will serve as an exploratory platform and also carry crew to the International Space Station. Replacing the Space Shuttle, Orion is the future of space travel.

Space Travel

Giving it all we’ve got Captain!

The Orion craft was obviously not an everyday object to move; McCollister’s had to accommodate the sensitivity of next generation technology onboard, and use all of our skill and experience in transporting high-value items to ensure a smooth project. With a diameter of 16.5 feet and a capsule mass of 19,650 pounds, we used our specialized equipment to move the load successfully.

Oversize Load

Blast off with McCollister’s

With years of experience in moving difficult and highly valuable cargo, McCollister’s is trusted by government departments, numerous companies and space agencies alike. We always go the extra mile to ensure a successful and issue free move, and our teams can handle all types of equipment.

The Orion spacecraft project showcased our excellence in logistics, and ability to move shipments quickly and efficiently. Completed on time and to budget, we are proud to have been a part of the next generation of spaceflight.

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