Specialty Transportation for High Value Items
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Logistical challenges in the Specialty transportation industry fall under McCollister’s core competency. Our operations personnel for all aspects of Specialty High Value shipments have been trained and certified to support the expertise needed to handle and communicate throughout the transit cycle. McCollister's Transportation Group, Inc. is uniquely positioned to provide corporate clients with expert specialty transportation thanks to our decades of experience developing innovative transportation services. When you choose one of our specialty services, your items are secured, individually wrapped with padded blankets, and treated with the utmost care. Click on one of the links below to find out more about each of our specialty transportation services and you'll discover why McCollister's Transportation Group, Inc. is the name corporations trust above all others for their transportation needs.

Medical Equipment Transportation

Medical Equipment Relocation

If you need to transport highly-sensitive medical equipment, McCollister’s can help! Our medical equipment movers are highly experienced in relocating machines such as CT Scanners, X-Rays, MRIs, and Laser Imaging. Technology in the health care field is changing and growing, but McCollister’s has the equipment, experience, and the training process that supports the expertise to handle any number of requirements in this industry. Our dedicated medical operator teams are trained to the knowledge of your shipment and supported with operating procedures, both video and written. McCollister’s dedicated Control Towers include customer service and operations personnel to support your transportation needs.
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High Value Electronics


McCollister’s understands that when you are shipping fragile components for communication networks, from servers to semiconductor machines, that the proper loading procedures and equipment is needed for success. The logistics to secure your equipment in transit is needed to accommodate the various size and sensitivity of telecommunications equipment. McCollister’s Control Towers for Telecom customers include both customer service and operations personnel. The transportation solution for many of our customers includes scheduling and arranging for third-party services and equipment, such as forklifts, cranes, or any other specialty equipment needed. McCollister’s understands your requirements, measures the results based on your KPI’s and communicates with a comprehensive support team for your Telecom needs.
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Aerospace Transportation


When aerospace companies need to move a $500 million dollar satellite that took eight years to build they thoroughly vet their options and select from only those companies that are proven reliable – companies like McCollister's. Certified by the Department of Defense to provide Classified Transport Protective Services, McCollister's supplies our customers with custom equipment and trained teams experienced in transporting loaded space craft containers, ground support equipment and rocket motors.
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Frozen Biological/Cryogenic

Frozen/Biological Transport

Few items require more care and attention when being moved than biological specimens, kept at freezing, ultra-low, or refrigerated temperatures is critical to maintaining the overall integrity of samples. With a fleet of trailers that are specially engineered for temperature-dependent transport, McCollister’s is capable of transporting a range of different research experiments, chemicals and bio agents at temperatures ranging from -112° F to 39° F. These specialty trailers, combined with our extensive experience in high-value logistics operations, enables McCollister’s to even move entire labs at one time.
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Fine Arts/Exhibits

Fine Art Transportation

Do you have a traveling exhibit, tradeshow, or musical group? We have decades of experience transporting the most delicate, valuable, and even priceless items. Our logistics solutions are designed for each specific traveling project to ensure that your valuables are safe and secure.
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Trade Show Logistics

Freight Brokerage

McCollister’s ability to transport specialist items even extends to trade shows. From major displays and booths to banners and signs that require a great deal of care and attention, we have the know-how and experience to ship a wide range of trade show items quickly, safely, and most importantly, on time. McCollister’s is a company you can trust to help you make a good impression at every trade show you attend.
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Solar Industry Logistics

Auto Transport

McCollister’s Transportation Group has been the leader in the solar industry supply chain process since 2002. During this time, we have helped many alternative energy company leaders, such as SunPower, Sun Edison, and SolarEdge, get their products to market. McCollister’s provides a broad array of specialized logistics solutions focused on improving our solar client’s ability to compete in the marketplace.
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Auto Transport

Planning every aspect of a concert or event tour can be a logistical nightmare. Communicating with each venue, hiring event staff, and booking lodging at each stop is just the tip of the job requirements. One critical aspect of a successful tour is actually getting everything from one tour location to the next in a safe and timely manner.
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McCollister’s provides worry-free, reliable oversize services for those customers requiring a specialized load to be transported from one location to another. Our expertly-trained and certified drivers, load teams, and project managers bring decades of expertise to every oversize project.
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