Aerospace Transportation

When aerospace companies need to move a $500 million dollar satellite that took eight years to build they thoroughly vet their options and select from only those companies that are proven reliable – companies like McCollister's. Certified by the Department of Defense to provide Classified Transport Protective Services, McCollister's supplies our customers with custom equipment and trained teams experienced in transporting loaded space craft containers, ground support equipment and rocket motors.

Custom project plans and shipment-specific operating procedures are part of how McCollister's manages critical time-sensitive aerospace assignments. Additional services may include:

Aerospace Transportation
  • Specialty equipment like 4 axle heavy-duty tractors and extendable single and double-drop flat-beds
  • Special state permits for over-size and super loads
  • Route surveys to insure assigned route compliance with load handling characteristics and requirements
  • Route planning to schedule fuel stops, Safe Harbors, and identify new route hazards
  • Mission Risk Assessment and Management
  • Escort and High-pole service

Another distinctive advantage of McCollister's Aerospace services is the operational and support team employed to manage each mission. Our Aerospace Control Tower combines customer service and operations personnel to focus on quality compliance. From risk management to mission operations we deploy highly trained and experienced operators on each shipment. Our experience:

  • Warfighter Support
  • Secure Operations
  • Skybitz, Qualcomm, and Multilayer Tracking Systems
  • Project Management
  • Critical and Time-Definite Moves
  • Customized Trailers
  • Crane Services
  • Climate and Humidity Control
  • Flatbeds, Flat-Floor, Single and Double-Drop
  • Heavy Duty Tractors for Oversize Loads
  • Dual Driver
  • Turnkey Packages for Oversize/Overweight Loads

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