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Frozen Biological & Cryogenic Transportation Services

Few items require more care and attention when being moved than biological specimens, kept at freezing, ultra-low, or refrigerated temperatures is critical to maintaining the overall integrity of samples. With a fleet of trailers that are specially engineered for temperature-dependent transport, McCollister’s is capable of transporting a range of different research experiments, chemicals and bio agents at temperatures ranging from -112° F to 39° F. These specialty trailers, combined with our extensive experience in high-value logistics operations, enables McCollister’s to even move entire labs at one time.

An excellent track record of transportation in the scientific community means customers can be 100% confident using McCollister’s to handle their highly sensitive scientific experimentsand operations. Discuss your needs with a specialist today.

Frozen Biological & Cryogenic Transportation Services

Unique Transportation Solutions for Frozen Biological Materials

McCollister’s goes the extra mile to deliver an advanced solution for those in the Life Sciences needing transportation of specimens or entire labs! Our independently-powered trailers allow cryogenic chambers, scientific refrigerators and other frozen biological equipment to be plugged-in and operated from the beginning to end of every shipment. McCollister’s’ technically-minded staff are fully trained in biological agent, chemical, HAZMAT and ultra-low temperature operations, offering flexibility and confidence to our customers that their projects will be transported safely and successfully.

Our specialty trailers have the following capabilities:

  • Wireless Temperature Monitoring Systems
  • 200 Amp and 110/220 Volt Service and Shore Power
  • 2 Custom Generators Providing Redundant Diesel and Electrical Power
  • Transfer Switches to Maintain Power in Case of Failure
  • Climate Units to Circulate Air and Maintain Proper Internal Trailer Temperatures
  • 4,400-lb Self-Leveling 8’x8’ Lift Gates
  • Backup Freezer Units (when necessary) with -112° F, -4° F, and 39° F Capabilities
  • Short-Term External Backup Power
  • US Department of Transportation Special Permits:
    • Hazardous Materials (49 CFR §172.101)
    • Infectious Substance (Animal) Class 6.2 & (Human) Class 6.2
    • Biological Substance, Category B* Class 6.2

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