Heavy Haul Trucking

For 70 years, businesses across the nation have trusted McCollister’s Transportation Group to haul their most valuable possessions. We now offer turnkey solutions to meet the heavy haul trucking needs of our customers from coast-to-coast.

Dependable Heavy Haul Trucking Services

McCollister’s provides worry-free, reliable heavy haul services. Our expertly-trained drivers, load teams, and certified project managers bring decades of expertise to bear in handling each and every specialized load. Plus, we can coordinate all the details of your heavy haul project, from ordering permits to arranging for any special handing requirements such as overnight security, police escorts and rigging.

Dependable Heavy Haul Trucking Services

McCollister’s is equipped to handle all your specialized hauling needs. Our commitment to public safety makes us a valued partner when it comes to super-heavy or oversized freight. McCollister’s has all the necessary equipment to handle any of your heavy haul needs, including:

  • Expandable double drop flatbed trailers
  • Removable goosenecks
  • Rear steerage units for extremely long loads
  • Our own certified high pole and pilot cars

When you rely on McCollister’s for heavy hauling, we make it our personal mission to safeguard your investments with timely, reliable service.

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Pilot Cars from McCollister’s

McCollister’s Transportation Group, Inc. offers pilot cars for our heavy haul projects. These pilot cars are essential to ensuring all heavy haul projects we perform are successful from start to finish. By taking the proper safety precautions, including utilizing these escort cars, we virtually eliminate any chance for accidents. Our certified, licensed, and experienced pilot car operators assist our other transportation staff with safely executing heavy haul and wide load transportation projects. When McCollister’s performs a heavy haul or wide load transport project, rest assured all safety precautions are taken, which ensures a safe and successful job.

Pilot Cars from McCollister’s

McCollister’s Pilot Car Services

Whether you are moving farm equipment or million-dollar satellites, McCollister’s has experience supporting these transportation projects with a variety of services, such as:

  • Front/Lead Escort Cars
  • Rear/Chase Escort Cars
  • Height Pole Escorts
  • Route Surveys
  • Security Escorts
  • Traffic Control
  • And more!

Pilot Cars for Your Transportation Project

Not only do we supply our own transportation projects with pilot cars when needed, but we can also supply your 3rd party project with pilot cars. Our certified, licensed, and experienced pilot car operators are available across the country to assist with transporting your heavy haul and oversize loads.

At McCollister’s, we consider ourselves members of your team during heavy haul projects, which means we’ll do whatever it takes to ensure your transportation safety needs are met with knowledge, caring, and attention to detail.

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