Shipping High-Value Electronics

Shipping High-Value Electronics

That's less than one claim per 475 shipments!

Telecommunications, Robotics and Semiconductor Components

Transporting items of high value for your company requires a real balance of value and execution; you essentially trust a transportation company to handle your valuable items, like robotics and semiconductor components and highly technical electronic machinery, with the same care that you do. Not having control over how your high-value items are being transported can be a concern for your company, while risking damage or theft to computer hardware, servers, and other high-tech equipment like Fuji machines is not an option. At McCollister’s Transportation Group, we understand the logistical challenges in the high-tech/telecom transportation industry and our team is focused on delivering to your company’s expectations. Our extremely low claim rates speak to the care we give to each shipment.

McCollister’s Specialized Shipping & Transportation Services = Peace of Mind

When you use McCollister’s Specialized Shipping & Transportation Services, you’re shipping high-value electronics and telecom equipment the right way, supported by a team of associates dedicated to communication backed by industry leading equipment to protect your materials.

Founded in 1945, McCollister’s offers more than specialized shipping for electronics and other high-value items. We also offer white glove services where we individually wrap each package with a quilted blanket, padding your valuable items to avoid damage.

Transportation Capabilities Spanning Large-Scale Electronics to Semiconductors

McCollister’s has decades of experience in transporting the highest value electronics items for all types of industries. From the largest Fuji machines for electronics production line assembly to next generation robotics, sensitive electric hospital beds, and microprocessor or semiconductor technology, our highly qualified teams take the utmost care to ensure any cargo we ship arrives on time and in the right condition. Armed with all the right equipment and years of knowledge, you can have total confidence in McCollister’s. We can provide specialized transportation for all of your high-value electronics with ease! Do you need assistance shipping these electronics?

large scale electronics
  • Telecommunications equipment
  • Sensitive electronics that cannot be transported normally
  • Communication and Phone Switching equipment
  • Robotics
  • Tradeshow exhibits
  • Electronic Fuji machines
  • First and Final Mile Services
  • Dedicated Product Roll Out Processes
  • Semiconductor Tools
  • SL8500 Handling
  • Specialist hospital beds
  • And more!
large scale electronics
large scale electronics

At McCollister’s, we are ready and able to tackle your needs when it comes to shipping high-value electronics and telecom equipment. Contact McCollister’s today to find out how we can help you!

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