​What is Hosted Virtual Desktop, and How Can it Help Your Company Run More Efficiently?

​Corporate offices and small business are changing and adapting to technological innovations constantly, seeking higher efficiencies, cutting costs, improving speed and productivity, all while minimizing capital expenditures for office equipment and computing hardware. Recent trends have motivated many companies to incorporate a Hosted Virtual Desktop model.

​What is Hosted Virtual Desktop (or HVD)? A hosted virtual desktop (HVD) is a user interface that connects to applications and data that are stored on your private servers, your corporate network, or your cloud provider's servers rather than on the end-user's local computer. HVD is sometimes referred to as a Cloud-Hosted Virtual Desktop, and can be hosted locally in a data center inside an office, or remotely from thousands of miles away.

What are the Benefits?

Each desktop instance exists as a virtual machine (VM) on your own (or the service provider's) servers. To the end users, the experience should be indistinguishable from one in which all their data and applications are stored and accessed local. More and more often, companies are migrating to this type of environment. Why? Let’s examine the advantages:

  1. Maintenance:

    An HVD environment requires much less maintenance than a traditional PC arrangement. Initial setup, updates, rebuilding (re-imaging) of the desktop is dramatically more efficient in labor and time costs than traditional PC arrangements. With less physical hardware, there is a reduced chance of hardware physical errors.
  1. Security:

    Security risks from a local infected host’s Operating System or storage may spread to other local or remote hosts. In an HVD environment, there is no ability to store malware locally, and security settings and filters can be applied to control security threats. In addition, physical thefts of a data-containing device is an all too common , but easily preventable occurrence. Make Hard Disk Drives in many physical locations a thing of the Past!
  1. Consistency for All Users:

    Over the lifespan of computing assets, they may be upgraded, hardware/software additions and updates that are different for different users. This creates an environment where end-users are using different software’s, operating systems, and security software. In an HVD environment, all end-users will have a similar and customizable machine that allows for a cohesive work environment.
size and space
  1. Size & Space:

    HVD technology does not require the traditional bulky CPU towers and related legacy hardware. A thin-client interface that allows for USB inputs, monitor input, and network/power inputs is less than 25% the size of traditional Tower CPU configurations, and allow for a more efficient use of desk and floor space inside each office or workstation.

McCollister’s Technical Services – Providing Solutions

If your corporate environment faces challenges with Asset Replacement, increasing hardware and maintenance costs, or struggles to maintain the most efficient operating models, McCollister’s can be of great benefit.

We have developed a team which specializes in HVD implementations and migrations from traditional computing platforms into HVD platforms. We are currently engaged in performing these services for ongoing conversion projects with high profile Multi-National Corporations, for thousands of users.

The most attractive aspect in the process we have developed is that the entire migration is completed virtually and remotely. Therefore, our process requires no collection and redistribution of hardware, and there is very little down time to the end user. The process is efficient, has a compact footprint and very fluid.

Because of the many advantages offered by converting your current computing onto an HVD platform, many MNC’s and SMB’s have and are in the process of adopting HVD technology, which promises significant hardware and personnel savings for years to come.

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