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McCollister’s Technical Services offers enterprise equipment and component rentals, in support of Data Center relocation projects and implementing swing gear to minimize down time and avoid outages. MTS approaches Data Center relocations ‘pro-actively’, analyzing the kit and determining the components and elements with the highest likelihood of failure. MTS then stages and supplies the designated components for use during the migration project.

Data Center Migrations: Parts Sparing can be a critical part of a Data Center Migration project plan. Components in enterprise IT equipment fail constantly, and this is especially true for IT platforms that have been up and running for significant periods of time. MTS will evaluate the current hardware and devise the appropriate Parts Sparing solution. The most common field-replaceable parts and components, including HDD’s, power supplies, cards, memory, cables, etc. are supplied at the destination location. During installation, if and when components are determined to have failed, MTS will replace the field-replaceable component, eliminating an often costly and lengthy troubleshooting process and service call. Un-used components are also offered for purchase, to ensure the facility is well-stocked with the most common replacement parts.

Swing Gear: MTS offers the short-term and long-term rental and custom-configuration of ‘swing gear’, to mirror the IT environment to keep operations running during a relocation activity. The use of swing gear creates a successful move while minimizing or eliminating down time and business interruptions. Swing Gear can be used in conjunction with Maintenance Support, to further ensure continuity of IT operations.

parts sparing
parts sparing

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