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McCollister’s Technical Services (MTS) provides specialty rack relocation services for data center racks and cabinets of every make/model. MTS owns and utilizes custom packing materials and customized rack crates for the most server rack models, system racks, and disk storage array racks, such as: APC, Oracle, EMC, Dell, Fujitsu, NetApp, Veritas Technologies LLC, IBM, Cisco, Juniper, Emerson, HP, and others.

MTS relocates several data center racks and cabinets weekly, from local relocations to moves across the U.S. MTS has a supply of OEM-customized packing material to ensure proper packing and safe handling of all racks and cabinets. MTS also has the capability to create customized wooden crates for any rack model in a data center. MTS can provide insurance coverage for any amount for equipment that is moving and has access to a large fleet of air-ride, climate controlled trucks and uses chain-of custody procedures. Armed security escort services are also available.

MTS follows the rack relocation guidelines set forth by the RTST – “Rack Transport and Stability Team”. The RTST sets forth processes and procedures for the proper packing, handling, transport, safer practices, and vehicle and site guidelines. These ‘tried and tested’ methods of IT rack relocation and cabinet relocation ensure that the process is smooth, secure, safe, and that all assets arrive at their destination without damage.

RTST Rack Handling Guidelines:

PDFsRTST Rack Handling Guide

MTS Customized Packing Materials:


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Veritas Technologies, LLC

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Cisco & Juniper

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APC & Emerson

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Specialized Electronics Packing, Server Lifts, Carts, Anti-Static Material:

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