Aerospace, Heavy Haul, and Oversize Transportation

Aerospace Transportation

When aerospace companies need to move a $500 million satellite that took eight years to build, they thoroughly vet their options and select from only those companies that are proven reliable – companies like McCollister’s. Certified by the Department of Defense to provide Classified Transport Protective Services, McCollister’s supplies our customers with custom equipment and trained teams experienced in transporting loaded spacecraft containers, ground support equipment, and rocket motors. Custom project plans and shipment-specific operating procedures are part of how McCollister’s manages critical time-sensitive aerospace assignments. McCollister’s is compliant with the Federal Acquisition Regulations (FAR) for contracting with the federal government.

McCollister’s Aerospace & Defense Business

Business unit is focused entirely on our aerospace and defense customers. This business unit is highly experienced in providing customized transportation solutions using specifically trained personnel and specialized equipment for oversized, critical and or sensitive assets. Our project management approach integrates scope, communication, schedule, cost, staffing and risk. Our procedures and processes were developed from Aerospace Industry disciplines incorporating safety, security, material handling and risk mitigation. This sets us apart from the Transportation Industry norm Transport missions can vary dramatically depending on size, weight complexity and duration. For those assets deemed oversized, critical and or sensitive, our services include but are not limited to;

  • Feasibility studies
  • Project management oversight
  • Detailed transportation plans and procedural control
  • Detailed route surveys
  • Coordination with authorities
  • Identified safe havens
  • Turn by turn instructions and maps
  • Mobile command centers
  • Escort and pilot car services
  • Rigging

McCollister's Driver on the job
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Additional Services May Include:

Our Experience Includes:

  • Warfighter Support
  • Secure Operations
  • SkyBitz, Qualcomm, and Multilayer Tracking Systems
  • Project Management
  • FAR Compliant
  • Critical and Time-Definite Moves
  • Customized Trailers
  • Crane Services
  • Climate and Humidity Control
  • Flatbeds, Flat-Floor, Single and Double-Drop
  • Heavy Duty Tractors for Oversize Loads
  • Dual Driver
  • Turnkey Packages for Oversize Loads

For over 70 years, businesses across the nation have trusted McCollister’s Transportation Group to haul their most valuable possessions. We now offer turnkey solutions to meet the oversize/specialized trucking needs of our customers from coast-to-coast.

Oversize/Specialized Trucking

McCollister’s provides worry-free, reliable oversize/specialized services. Our expertly-trained drivers, load teams, and certified project managers bring decades of expertise to bear in handling each specialized load. Plus, we can coordinate all the details of your oversize/specialized project, from ordering permits to arranging for any special handling requirements such as overnight security, police escorts, and rigging.

Dependable Oversized/Specialized Trucking Services

McCollister’s is equipped to handle all your specialized hauling needs. Our commitment to public safety makes us a valued partner when it comes to critical, sensitive, unique, one-of-a-kind, or oversized freight. McCollister’s has all the necessary equipment to handle any of your needs, including:

  • Single Drop Step Deck trailers
  • Expandable double drop trailers
  • Removable gooseneck trailers
  • Rear steerage trailers for extremely long loads
  • “Conestoga” Step Deck trailer
  • Climate Control units
  • Cryogenic trailers with 3-axles

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When you rely on McCollister’s for oversize/specialized, we make it our personal mission to safeguard your investments with timely, reliable service.