Turnkey ATM Installation Solutions

for Banks, Credit Unions, and Other Financial Institutions

McCollister’s Installation Services provides specialized construction and installation solutions to businesses and financial institutions. Our installation and construction offerings include design-build planning for banking equipment such as ATMs, VATs, night drops, vaults, kiosk buildings, and related signage.

McCollister’s Installation Services is an all-in-one source for programmatic deployment and installation solutions. From conceptualization to closeout, our dedicated construction and project managers expertly execute our client’s programs with excellence and urgency.

We are strategically partnered with the industries leading equipment manufacturers to provide up to date comprehensive turnkey installation services.


thru the wall atms

TTW ATM’s require critical specialized understanding of ADA compliance’s, service clearances, HVAC and electrical tolerances, as well as elevation deltas and commercial wall construction. Our team of experienced PM’s can help navigate the pitfalls of new TTW deployments and achieve success on day one. New deployments are often loaded with cash and placed into service the following business day.

Drive-Through ATMs –
Island Construction

drive thru atm

Are you seeking services for new branch locations or current bank expansion projects? Our Project Managers work with customers to design and construct drive-thru ATM lanes; whether we are refreshing an existing lane, or adding capacity to a retail parking lot, our PMs work with customers to design and construct drive-through ATMs in any application. We work hand-in-hand with leading architects and engineers to ensure our designs are in-line with industry standards, public ordinances, security concerns and equipment requirements.

Free-Standing Lobby
ATM Kiosks

free standing lobby kiosks

McCollister’s Installation Services provides ATM rigging to banks, credit unions, and other businesses, such as casinos. We specialize in ATM projects with unusually difficult rigging challenges.

McCollister’s team of professionals ensures each free-standing lobby ATM kiosk is installed efficiently and successfully, per each customer’s unique set of standards for quality control and compliance verification.

ATM Security

atm security enhancements

McCollister’s Installation Services is dedicated to enhancing ATM security by constructing physical barriers to help withstand vandalism and hacking. We can perform a threat risk analysis on your equipment and recommend site-specific security enhancements that are custom tailored to your specific need.

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What We Do

logistics installation

Logistics & Installation

McCollister’s Installation Services handles all logistics, from equipment transportation to construction crew resources for all installation projects. McCollister’s wide range of logistics support include truckload transportation, nationwide warehousing, inventory management, local distribution, reverse logistics, staging facilities, kitting and rigging services, and equipment disposal.

bank vault construction

Bank Vault Construction

McCollister’s Installation Services can build, move, upgrade, and modify vaults for new and current banks, jewelry stores, and pharmacy applications.

cad and permitting

CAD & Permitting

Mccollister’s can help save you stress and frustration by providing comprehensive permit delivery and expedition. We offer internal soft-sketches and CADs for internal design meetings and landlord verification as well as site plans, CDs, licensing requirements, and other A/E documentation to allowing us to deliver complete permit packages for larger construction programs.

pci destruction

PCI Destruction & NPI Decommissioning

We understand certified destruction and disposal is critical for our banking partners and clients. McCollister’s Installation Services stays up to date with best practices and PCI industry standards. We also offer branch NPI sweep and decommissioning services. We can ensure that your client’s confidential information remains confidential and provide the documentation to prove it.

inventory and project management

Inventory & Project Management

From start to finish, our rigging experts and Project Managers work closely with our customers through each project phrase. Managers are responsible for planning, permitting, and construction and can meet any client dictated update cadences.

ada compliance verification

ADA Compliance Verification

Businesses that install ATMs must be ADA-compliant. Don’t let your banks and credit unions be targeted for alleged violations. McCollister’s Installation Services verifies your ATM installations are ADA compliant, including required height, ease of wheelchair access, and access pathways.

vandalism response

Vandalism Response & Remediation

Have your ATMs been vandalized, ripped out, or damaged? We have ER and vandalism teams ready 24/7 to respond to attacks within a few hours of dispatch. These teams are prepared with the tools and equipment to safely board up openings, remove debris and equipment, clean site, terminate electrical connections, and provide detailed photos of the attack.

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Yes, McCollister is a national vendor with several locations across the United States, including California, Texas, New York, and more. Find a McCollister location near you here.

Yes, McCollister’s an OEM vendor.

Yes, customers will have a dedicated Project Manger and installation experts working on their project. Contact us to speak with an expert today to get started.