Aerospace Transportation

McCollister’s Aerospace Transit

We are a reliable, proven aerospace transportation partner with the ability to adhere to custom project plans and shipment-specific operating procedures. Certified by the Department of Defense to provide Classified Transportation Protective Services (TPS), McCollister’s has custom equipment, operated by trained teams with experience hauling loaded spacecraft containers, ground support equipment, rocket motors, and more. For your most critical, time-sensitive aerospace assignments, we are here to support your needs.

Comprehensive Aerospace Tracking Solutions

The aerospace & defense industry relies on highly-experienced transportation specialists to provide solutions that meet stringent requirements. Specially trained personnel can operate specialized equipment for critical and sensitive assets often needed in aerospace trucking. Solutions we provide for your assets include:

  • Feasibility studies
  • Project management oversight
  • Detailed transportation plans and procedural control
  • Detailed route surveys
  • Coordination with authorities
  • Identified safe havens
  • Turn by turn instructions and maps
  • Mobile command centers
  • Escort and pilot car services
  • Rigging
Our project management approach integrates scope, communication, schedule, cost, staffing, and risk so you receive a cost-effective, controlled process, every-time. We’ve also developed our processes and procedures from industry disciplines that incorporate safety, security, material handling, and risk mitigation.

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For over 70 years, businesses across the nation have trusted McCollister’s Transportation Group to haul their most valuable possessions. We now offer turnkey solutions to meet the oversize/specialized trucking needs of our customers from coast-to-coast.


Decades of Aerospace Transportation Expertise

A distinctive advantage of McCollister’s aerospace services is the support deployed for each mission. Our Aerospace Control Tower combines customer service and operations personnel to focus on quality compliance. From risk management to mission operations, we ensure highly trained and experienced operators are on each shipment. We offer:

  • Warfighter support
  • Secure operations
  • SkyBitz, Qualcomm, and Multilayer tracking systems
  • Project management
  • Federal Acquisition Regulations (FAR) compliant
  • Critical and time-definite moves
  • Customized trailers
  • Crane services
  • Climate and humidity control
  • Flatbeds, flat-floor, single and double-drop trailers
  • Heavy-duty tractors
  • Dual driver
  • Turnkey packages
Since 1945, our transportation company has consistently served various industries, including aerospace and defense, responding promptly to their critical projects with our team of expert logistics professionals.

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McCollister’s Aerospace Transportation: Your Partner to Trust

When aerospace companies need to move a $500 million satellite that took eight years to build, they thoroughly vet their options and select a reliable partner. McCollister’s is that choice. We are a proven third-party logistics provider (3PL) with an extensive selection of specialty transportation capabilities to choose from such as, temperature-controlled shippingwhite glove & first/final mile servicestechnological transportation, and we provide technical services. Want to learn more about our background in aerospace transit and how we serve several other industries? View our innovation and have a conversation with our team today.

What’s In the Box?

Even the most secure items remain under wraps with McCollister’s. We provide aerospace transit that is discreet and safeguarded every step of the way, even in high-fascination situations.

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When you rely on McCollister’s for oversize/specialized, we make it our personal mission to safeguard your investments with timely, reliable service.