Fine Arts, Exhibit, & Tradeshow Transportation

Fine Arts and Exhibit Logistics Services

If you have fine art that needs to get from point A to point B, look no further than McCollister’s Transportation Group, Inc. to transport your valuable, often priceless items. For over 50 years McCollister’s has provided transportation and logistics for large and small exhibits.  From support materials to art and artifacts for museums, galleries and private collections we take pride in bringing art and exhibits to the masses. In addition to exhibits, McCollister’s is also committed to providing dependable and affordable solutions for Trade Shows, Product Demonstrations, Corporate Meetings of all sizes and scopes. Our extensive delivery networks, climate-controlled transportation assets, and Control Tower approach incorporates customer service and operations on the same team, which makes McCollister’s a clear choice as a reliable partner for shipping museum fixtures and fine art.

Extra Care Transporting Your Irreplaceable Items

McCollister’s Transportation Group, Inc. knows how important special care is to your valuable possession’s transportation. Whether you are a museum or art gallery needing multi-location transportation for a traveling exhibit or an art gallery needing transportation for a piece, your valuables are safe with our specially-trained employees. McCollister’s employees undergo rigorous training and are carefully managed to ensure damage and loss are prevented. With our excellent track record of success transporting specialty exhibits, such as 6,500-year-old mummies and paintings from the most famous artists in history, you can trust McCollister’s for any transportation project needs.

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We Have The Assets To Handle Your Specialized Transportation Needs

McCollister’s Transportation Group, Inc.’s services are coordinated to provide a versatile yet highly customized set of packing, storage, transport, collection, and delivery solutions for your artwork or exhibits.

  • National fleet of 124” high, climate-controlled trailers and short and long-term storage to safely control temperature and humidity when in transit and storage
  • Exclusive van use, ensuring dedicated equipment throughout your project
  • Lift-gate vans when pickup and delivery locations are not dock-accessible
  • Shipment track and trace using the latest GPS technology
  • Complete and accurate documentation throughout the transport process
  • Planning and coordinating multi-venue tour locations, including security planning and compliance
  • Air-ride van transport options, including oversize vans
  • Handling safety, road, and parking permits
  • Two-way van communication
  • Scheduling and coordination of courier and escort services
  • Safe loading/unloading and handling of works of art and other irreplaceable items
  • Supervise as required ensuring standards and procedures are followed by service staff, contractors and any other third party staff
  • National and International transport

Trust McCollister’s to provide the care that your fine art deserves

For the ultimate in care and protection for your valuable art or exhibit, place your trust in the hands of the experts. McCollister’s is where you want us when you need us. Our experience and award-winning service will safely transport your irreplaceable items.


Trade Show Logistics Services

McCollister’s has extensive experience transporting and setting up trade shows across the country. Major displays and booths for your trade show are all handled with care and set up properly to ensure that your trade show is successful. Your dedicated team of McCollister’s trade show experts work together to not only care for your property, but strategize on ways to deliver your items to their destination on time and intact. Reliable, fast, and effective, companies all over the United States trust McCollister’s to deliver their trade show and exhibition equipment.

Experienced In High-Value Transportation

McCollister’s is an industry leader in the transportation of high-value objects, including exhibits and trade show displays that might be irreplaceable as well as high-value electronics moving services. Our team of transportation experts are certified to use a wide range of equipment that ensures fragile, delicate, or expensive cargo is packaged correctly, shipped safely, and delivered to the right place at the right time.

We train our employees to execute at the highest possible standards. Our vision is reflected in the excellent services we deliver to our customers every day. Whether you are transporting a trade show exhibit or your entire show’s components, McCollister’s Transportation Group is the best choice for your unique logistical needs.

Specialized Transportation For Trade Shows

With our 100% company-owned fleet, McCollister’s is able to coordinate and track excellent deliveries to every corner of the United States. Our efficient transportation routes and logistics services enable McCollister’s to ship items cross-country in a short period of time, meeting the established project’s goals every day.

Our Trade Show Transportation Services Feature:

  • Shipment tracking with next-generation GPS technology
  • Inter-van communications
  • Air-ride van transport options, equipped with load-bars and decking
  • Padded van services to protect delicate items and uncrated freight
  • Safety escorts for high-security cargo
  • Turnkey logistics management, from project planning to routes, safety, and security
  • Certified in the use of transportation equipment
  • National and international capabilities
  • Intimate knowledge of, and ability to handle, local and national paperwork/ permits
  • A fleet of 124” high climate control trailers for varying transit lengths

For the ultimate in care and protection for your valuable art or exhibit place your trust in the hands of the experts. McCollister’s is where you want us when you need us. Our experience and award-winning service will safely transport your irreplaceable items. Trust McCollister’s to provide the care that your fine art deserves.

Arts & Exhibit Transportation FAQs

What security precautions are in place for high-value art shipments?
This will depend on the customer; however, most artwork and exhibit shipments travel ‘exclusive use’ with no other freight on the truck.

Do you ship individual paintings, art or sculptures?
Only LARGE scale works at this time. Please contact us if you have questions about shipping of your artwork.

What is the minimum number of arts pieces that you transport?
Depends on the type of art being transported.

What type of climate-controlled shipping options are available?
Climate Hi Cube trailers are frequently used 124” at the door tends to compensate for A frames used to move LARGE scale art work. Some sculptures can travel non-climate flat beds if the size demands this (e.g. outdoor sculptures).

What type of insurance does McCollister’s offer or partner with? What is the maximum insurable amount that I can request?
There are a couple of caps set at $10K for single items, full loads are mostly insured by the museum or owner. Insurance premiums can be quoted on an as needed basis with underwriter approval.

What information do I need to gather to get a quote for transporting art and/or exhibits?
From, To, dates, item descriptions with dimensions/weights if available, load plans if available, arrival times, access at locations, dry van, climate van or flatbed.

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