U-Pass Program: University Pack and Storage Services

Are you in need of dorm room movers? Or are you trying to figure out your options for dorm storage? McCollister’s U-Pass Program covers your moving solutions no matter what moving services you need. Our U-Pass Program offers dorm residence packing, transportation, and storage for students and universities. Learn more about our comprehensive moving and storage services in this article. We will further discuss our U-Pass Program and benefits, how we work with universities and college students, pricing options, and more.

University Partnerships

McCollister’s is proud to help students easily pack, store, and ship their belongings as necessary. We also provide various moving services for our university partners, from setting up new dorm buildings with furniture, resetting rooms between semesters, residence hall cleanout services, and more. Learn more about our university partnership service options now.

College Students

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Whether you are moving home between semesters, graduating, or studying abroad, McCollister’s offers packing, moving, and storage solutions for students in select locations. We offer full-service options that include packing, storage, shipping, and shipping boxes and furniture home without storage. Discover our all-inclusive college student moving services.

The program works in phases:

online survey


Online Student Survey

Discuss the use of Virtual Surveys for:

  • Separate student items
  • Confirm student contact information


Dorm Packing Services

  • Pack using appropriate cartons and packing material
  • Separate items into storage and any items that need to be sent home via UPS services
  • Pack desk items, clothing drawers, and closets


Storage of Dorm Room Belongings

  • Transport to warehouse
  • Use the WMS system to track by student
online payment


Campus Transportation / Delivery Out

  • LTL shipments to residence
  • Credit card payments

The U-Pass Program

  1. Customers are assigned a McCollister’s contact, available to you thoughout the entire process whenever needed.
  2. An initial virtual survey.
  3. Estimate of cost provided.
  4. Option for McCollister’s delivery right to your room, including professional moving materials.
  5. Determine if you want ‘Full Service’ or ‘Do It Yourself’ services.
  6. Schedule your pickup date.
  7. Receive a full inventory list of the quantity and description of items received.
  8. Campus pickup from your room, transport, and delivery to storage.
  9. Storage of dorm room belongings.
  10. Safe, secure online payment option.
  11. Schedule your return delivery to your new dorm room assignment.
  12. Your belongings await you when you arrive at your new dorm room.
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What Are Common Reasons for Dorm Room Moves?

There are various reasons someone may be moving to or from a dorm room. However, we’ve listed some of the most commons reasons for a dorm room move. If any of the reasons below relate to you, you’ve come to the right place. McCollister is eager to support you and all your dorm room moving needs.

  • Moving to College from Out of State — Moving further away can complicate things. However, McCollister’s U-Pass Program supports you during your move, making a long-distance move as easy as possible.
  • Storage Between Semesters — Perhaps you are moving to a different dorm or residency on campus but need to store your belongings between semesters and holiday breaks. No problem; McCollister’s student storage solutions are available to you.
  • Study Abroad — Have an exciting study abroad program coming up but aren’t sure what to do with your things while you’re away? McCollister’s moving services and storage options can help you in this type of pinch.
  • College Transfers — Let the professionals at McCollister’s make moving from one college to the next easy and as fast as possible, so you have one less thing to worry about.
  • Graduation & Going Home — While it may the end of an era, McCollister’s wants to help you on your journey home. We offer dorm room moving services like packing, transportation, and more.


To learn more about our pricing options, we provide an initial video survey via FaceTime with one of our designated student or college representatives from the Housing or Residential Life Department to review item pricing. Choose what type of moving services and solutions meet your requirements by selecting what works best for you on our à la carte menu.

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Yes, each storage location is based on a two-pallet location.

Storage access options are available on a case-by-case basis.

Yes, we have options for international shipments.

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