Household Goods Moving and Relocation

Employee Relocation Services

With our major van line affiliations, United Van Lines and Mayflower Transit, a network of service centers around the globe, and a focus on consistent quality, McCollister’s is recognized as a leader in executive and family household goods and relocation services. Over 500 corporations have relied on us to relocate their employees and families while managing expenses and maintaining service accountability. A comprehensive menu of related services provided by our network offers programs such as Home Sale Assistance, Temporary Living, Spouse/Partner Assistance, Group Move Consulting, Policy Counseling, and Move Management with corporate objectives while optimizing the relocation experience for the transferring associate and family. Integral to an effective moving company is a highly trained service coordinator managing a full spectrum of move-related activities. These responsibilities include counseling services, problem-solving, estimate and invoice auditing, move policy governance, and preparation of customized management reports for the corporate client.

Why Choose McCollister’s for Your Household Goods Moving Company?

  • Work with a single dedicated point of contact for all moving services
  • Get timely and accurate updates on your move, whether it’s a local move or a cross-country move
  • Enjoy the peace of mind offered by service guarantees

Delivering Excellence, One Relocation at a Time

Through the use of computerized professional move management control and SkyBitz Tracking on every van, McCollister’s employs the latest technologies to assure that your move runs smoothly from start to finish. Plus, we provide 24 x 7 access to your dedicated service support team.

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Private Relocation Services

Are you trying to reduce your moving costs and looking for safe and cost-effective options? McCollister’s has several container solutions to assist you in meeting your relocation budgets and making your move easier:

  • Organization: Decluttering for better home sale success
  • Storage: You’re buying or moving to a new home and need short or long term storage
  • One-way moves: Interstate moving from one town to another
  • Local moves: Moving from one part of town to another
With our container rental program, you select the date and then we deliver the container to your current location. You pack and load your belongings safely at ground level, then call us when the container is ready for pickup. Our professionally-trained service crews can also load the container for you, giving you more time to spend handling other parts of your move.

Container Transportation to Your New Home

Whether you require a one-way move or a local move, McCollister’s will schedule a date and time to deliver the container to your new home. Once the container is at your new residence, we can provide the same unpacking service using a professionally-trained crew or allow you to unload everything yourself. Moving has never been simpler! Our long-distance, one-way, and local moving solutions help you plan your move more effectively within your budget. Our containers take all of the guesswork out of one-way moves. Please contact our container service professionals to get more details or answer your questions.

McCollister’s Transportation Group, Inc. offers two different transportation options for moving your storage container after it is packed:

  • One way moves: McCollister’s will return the container to one of our local secure warehouses, then arrange for one of our professional interstate freight carriers to transport the container to one of our warehouses in your destination area.
  • Local moves: McCollister’s will return the container to one of our local secure warehouses or to your new residence.

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Household Goods Relocation FAQs

What is the transportation of household goods? 
Household goods transportation is the moving of the contents of your home.  We offer a menu of services including, counseling on the process, surveying your home, providing cartons, packing services, third party services for items such as appliances, full value protection for your goods that covers any loss or damage, loading the trailer, transportation, unloading the trailer, assembly, one-time placement, assembly, unpacking, and debris removal.

How should I prepare for a home move?
We start by providing you with a survey of your home, this tells us an estimate of weight and how much packing may be involved.  Before we start, be prepared, know what services you need, know what items you want and do not want to be moved.

What sizes are McCollister’s cartons? 
We offer a variety of carton sizes, small, medium, large, extra-large, specialty sizes for specific items such as clothing, pictures, mirrors, mattresses and televisions, etc.

Do you offer corporate discounts for employee relocations?
McCollister’s does offer employee relocation services at competitive prices, we service COD or one-time customers, Corporate/National Account, Government & Military clients.

If I call for an estimate, what information do I need to have ready?
It is very helpful if you can provide us with the size of your home (by bedroom count, 1-bedroom apartment or 4-bedroom home) this helps with the planning process.  We need to know what load date your need, when do you have to be out of the home, etc.  We also need the origin city, state and zip, with destination information as well, best contact phone numbers and e-mail addresses.  What specialty items are you moving, an auto, anything large or oversized is helpful to know early in the process.

Does McCollister’s provide international services? 
Yes, we also provide worldwide services.  We offer shipping options by Air container & Ocean container.  Air containers come in many different sizes to accommodate your needs and ocean containers come in standard size 20’ and 40’ containers.  Air containers are for your smaller necessity items that you need right at your new international location and ocean container are much larger and are designed for your entire household.

Does McCollister’s offer storage options for my household goods?
Yes, we offer options for both short term and long-term storage.

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