Data Center Relocation

Data Center Relocation & Physical Migration

McCollister’s Technical Services (MTS) is the IT Professional Services and Technical Division of McCollister’s Global Services, Inc. At MTS, we specialize in Data Center Migrations, Equipment Install / De-install, Secure Data Destruction, Cabling, Rack Relocation, and other hardware and technical services. MTS performs these services across North America and provides select technical service offerings in Europe, as well as logistics support for relocation requirements worldwide. MTS utilizes an expansive network of data center technicians and project managers, who are proficient and experienced in data center migrations and enterprise IT services. These technicians and project managers work in collaboration with our logistics fleet and experienced packers, movers, and drivers; to offer a seamless, turn-key, end-to-end data center migration project for the customer. MTS provides customizable data destruction solutions to meet any customers’ needs and provide a fully auditable certificate with serialized inventory. MTS uses three (3) methods of secure data destruction: Degaussing, Shredding, & Software Data Overwrite. MTS has solutions that can meet projects of any size from a single piece of media to thousands of media. MTS is able to provide a variety of services including but not limited to: Pre-migration assessments, consultation services, relocation planning in conjunction with customer team, move-day execution, post-move support, equipment decommission, and data destruction, and international services. McCollister’s Technical Services (MTS) is the IT Professional Services and Technical Division of McCollister’s Global Services, Inc.

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Migration Services for IT Equipment Data Centers are a critical element of modern society, interconnecting technology platforms to enable users and companies to expedite product orders, monitor security, host customer systems, and a vast array of critical services that shape contemporary life. The ubiquitous involvement of enterprise technology in daily life requires a high level of reliability and consistency, which means technology platforms must perform with little or no downtime, even during operational changes and migration activities. All physical hardware requirements in the enterprise raised floor environment must be carefully planned with security, schedule, hardware sensitivity, OEM services, continuity, and overall holistic approach to ensure end-to-end scope obligations are satisfied. MTS offers comprehensive services centered around the successful implementation of data center migration projects and equipment installations. The MTS team has years of experience and a long track record of accomplishments in the raised floor environment. As part of a nation-wide logistics network, MTS can provide access to specialized transportation services, warehousing, packing and storage across the country. With a large network of experienced technicians in most large and medium sized cities, MTS has coverage in every geography within the United States.

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Data Center Migration Services

  • Pre-move documentation of the physical environment:
    • Pre-project planning & project management
    • Rack elevations
    • Cable tracing and documentation
    • Asset inventory
    • Pre-project planning & project management

  • Move Day Support
    • Equipment de-install and re-install (server, storage, network, full racks, UPS)
    • Patch cabling services
    • Coordination and management of OEM support
    • New equipment deployment, installation, equipment decommission, removal, and disposal
  • Post-move support management
    • “As-built” state documentation
    • Cable clean up
    • Smart hands support
  • Logistics Services
    • Packing and logistic services to include anti-static packing material and valuation coverage
    • Secure transportation to include security escorts and chain of custody documentation if required
    • Multiple methods of shipping available to fit customer requirements
MTS (effortlessly/neatly) integrates both technical services and logistics services together to create a unified service offering for turn key, end to end data center migration projects

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MTS Can Provide End-to-End Data Center Migration Services

Our Data Center Relocation Methodology

Project Management

  • Onsite and remote consultation for data center migration projects, distribution projects, and equipment replacements and decommission projects 
  • Team of experienced lead technicians and project managers with thousands of successful data center relocations and IT equipment moves.  
  • Resource planning and scheduling for logistics programs, device re-shuffling, and equipment redeployment  
  • Best-practices consultation for data destruction in compliance with regulations and device destruction/disposal for end-of-life gear 
  • Aligning teams and resources, and coordinating vendors while acting as a single point-of-contact to the end customer 
  • Disciplined involvement in corporate channels and stove-pipe organizations to facilitate lines of communication 

Information Collection and Pre-Move Assessment

  • Standard ‘long form’ and ‘short form’ questionnaires for services: data center migration, secure data destruction, and international services 
  • Recommended site surveys to capture equipment, environmental and access details 
  • Assessment of project requirements and consultation services to optimize client project outcome and delivery 
  • Inventory reconciliation services in advance of the project to confirm equipment list and attributes 
  • Pricing options are available for various project scopes, equipment lists and locations 
  • Logistics services options are available per customer preferences or requirements 

Project Execution and Delivery

  • Utilization of a project (planning tools) to ensure coordination of schedules, locations, personnel, scope of work, and visibility. 
  • Project kick-off call with delivery and project managers 
  • Regular and periodic project planning discussions for updates and changes 
  • Migration schedules including checkpoints and milestones 
  • Utilization of experienced technical staff across the USA 
  • Migration of UPS systems, blade chassis, tape libraries, storage arrays, core switches and other large rack-mounted devices. 
  • Install and de-install of large rack-mounted devices, such as tape libraries, switches, and blades using specialized equipment including server lifts
  • Robust logistics and ‘white glove’ oriented transportation solutions 
  • Anti-static packing materials to protect against both ESD and shock 
  • Standard installation and de-installation procedures and packing methodologies 

Value-Added Services

  • Crating and customized packing solutions: custom crates, anti-static and OEM packaging available for media, tape libraries, and form fitted devices, on a case by case basis. 
  • Secure transportation options including: chain of custody procedures, armed/unarmed escorts, live GPS tracking, serialized seals and locks, and tamper seals 
  • OEM & Vendor management: coordination and manage other vendors on the project, and act as a single point of contact for all vendors during migration projects 
  • Project deliverables: as-built state documentation, cable and rack inventory and elevation reconciliation, etc. 
  • Patch cabling: provision of patch cables, power cables, and other cables as required. Assistance to determine cable lengths or reuse of harvested patch cables, if possible 
  • Cable & device labeling: create and affix labels for patch cables, asset tags, host names, and origin/destination information 
  • Storage / store and deploy / warehousing / logistics: full suite of receiving, storage, deployment, inventory and preparation with access to over 600 locations in the USA, in every major market and most medium sized markets in the country.  Set up a point of presence while utilizing a robust network of office, warehouses, and engineers. 

Data Center Migration – Full Rack Relocation

  • Trained technicians and movers to disconnect intra rack cabling, confirming all devices are secure within rack, confirming that any feet are raised so that rack can be moved without any obstructions. 
  • Hundreds of successful rack relocation projects yearly 
  • MTS follows guidelines prescribed by the RTST – “Rack Transport and Stability Team” 
  • MTS has the ability to create custom racking and crating solutions for a large number of manufacturers, including: APC, Oracle, EMC, Dell, Fujitsu, NetApp, Symantec, IBM, Cisco, Juniper, Emerson, HP, and many others.  

Data Center Migration – Hardware DeInstall and Install / Rack and Stack

  • Relocation services and experienced technician and packing crew for individual device relocations 
  • Un-racking & re-racking of rack mounted devices in any location in the USA. 
  • MTS also provides patch cabling services as well as cable provision if requested.. 
  • MTS can also provide post-move support to assist customers while they perform testing and can assist with moving cables or moving devices into another designated RU. 

Secure Migration Services

Overview of Secure Transit Options

  • McCollister’s regularly provides secure transportation service across the USA 
  • McCollister’s ensures the sensitivity of all items by utilizing proven methodologies. 
  • Bill-of-Lading and Inventory list are carefully checked off by MTS technicians at origin and destination 
  • Equipment is can be inventoried on a serial number basis if requested by customer 
  • Truck locks, serialized truck seals, state of the art GPS tracking system, and use of safe-harbor system, where trucks only stop in pre-planned locations 
  • McCollister’s has executed projects which required employees to obtain security clearance levels for the Department of Defense, Social Security Administration, etc.  
  • McCollister’s secure warehouse facilities use 24×7 security monitoring. 
  • Option of armed or unarmed security escorts 
  • Team drivers are a solution for long distance relocations with a shortened time window. 
  • Constant surveillance option to ensure equipment is never left unattended 

Chain-of-Custody Procedures

  • McCollister’s follows closely auditable procedures for a secure, chain-of-custody relocation offering 
  • Chain-of-custody documents are signed by customer or onsite representative and McCollister’s team member at origin and destination 
  • Metal serial numbered door seals are used, recorded, and photographed at origin and destination to ensure the chain-of-custody is secure 
  • Security tape and locking bins used to assure items remain secure 
  • HIPAA compliant relocation services for the Healthcare Industry 
  • GPS tracking and a robust fleet of enclosed tractor-trailers with air-ride, climate control options, and trained, experienced drivers, reduce the risk of any loss or damage during

Security Escorted Transportation

  • Armed and unarmed security escorts for shipments in all locations in the USA
  • Security escorts for long-haul shipments interstate or local shipments and delivery projects
  • Security personnel experienced with relocations of valuables and of financial industry clients
  • Security personnel available from a single escort guard to large engagements where 10 or more security personnel are required in various aspects of the relocation project IT Relocation
  • Security escorts are certified under HR-218 (Law Enforcement Officers Safety Act)


  • Full services available across the United States and Canada  
  • International logistics and technical support available (please reference MTS Global Services section) 
  • Local warehousing and storage options in over 1,000 locations worldwide 
  • Local technical and logistical assets in all major cities and most medium-sized cities in the lower 48 

Data Center Relocation FAQs

What is data center relocation?
Server rack and component transfer from one location to another. This can include removing servers from the racking as well as serialized inventory, packing and securing boxes with security tape for transfer.

How much does it cost to move a data center?
Quotes vary and are unique per move requirements. Please contact us for more details.

What information do I need to gather to get a quote for data center relocation?
From, to, site surveys, quantities, times of service, security requirements, site access, target dates etc.