McCollister’s Transportation Group, Inc. understands how important staying on time and within budget can be when performing office relocations. We want your move to go as smoothly as possible, exactly as planned, and without going over budget. That’s exactly what you’ll get when you turn to McCollister’s. Our team of relocation specialists is fully dedicated to giving you professional on-time, on-budget service. We take care to pre-plan all relocation projects before lifting and moving a single piece of office or facility equipment. The result of careful planning is less downtime for your business, and installation can immediately begin when your equipment arrives at its destination.


  • Furniture, Seating & Equipment
  • Security plans
  • Parking Requirements
  • Facility Access
  • Furniture Standards
  • Artwork Inventory
  • Communication Equipment
  • Filing & Common Areas
  • Scheduling & Tracking
By thoroughly planning your relocation project, we ensure your move is completed on-time using the latest cost-effective techniques, saving you money with the least downtime possible.

Corporate office relocation.
looking at a floor layout plan


At McCollister’s Transportation Group, our state-of-the-art workspace logistics methodology is designed to deliver turnkey service to simplify facility management. Our team of experts has the experience and ability to evaluate the scope of required Interior Space Operations services and then formulate solutions to fulfill each location’s needs. Our Interior Space Operations team is experienced with daily office moves, surplus asset storage & inventory, and furniture standards. Proper planning is the key to making any project a success, and interior facility services are no different. Whether you’re making an office move, adding on to your current office, or just reorganizing to better utilize your space, you need experts with an established track record of successfully planning Interior Space Operations. We’ve helped countless businesses organize their offices and store their inventory by lending our expertise in facility services. If you need Interior Space Operations help, we can help!


Whether your organization is large or small, in a single location, or multiple locations, McCollister’s’ offers the following Interior Space Operations services nationwide:

  • Move Management
  • Daily Churn / MAC Management
  • Move planning
  • Color-coded floor plans and asset tagging
  • Office & facility moving of any size
  • Datacenter and IT relocation
  • Furniture installation, reconfiguration, and cleaning
  • Packing, crating, and rigging
  • Flexible warehousing solutions
  • Inventory control and asset management
  • Comprehensive building protection
  • Experienced & trained staff
  • Facility services

Server / Data Center / IT Relocation
Small office relocation services.


  • Inventory of existing systems furniture
  • Space plan “As-Built” stations and create a floor plan for new location
  • Dismantle, stage, load, and transport existing workstations
  • Reconfiguration
  • Receive, store, and deliver systems and office furniture
  • Installation services
  • Clean existing panel and seating fabrics
  • Asset management (By manufacturer, series, fabrics, and finishes)
  • Liquidation services of surplus systems and office furniture
  • All major brands and manufactures serviced


At McCollister’s Transportation Group, Inc. our innovative approach to commercial office relocation is designed to deliver turnkey service to simplify your move. Our team of experts has the experience and ability to evaluate the scope of your move and design a plan that utilizes cost-saving solutions. Our facility relocation team is experienced in moving everything from office furniture to industrial equipment whether you are a multiple building / floor corporation or a small office of under 50 employees. For individual employee offices and desk areas, we will provide the packing materials and labeling necessary to seamlessly transition work areas for your office relocation. 


McCollister’s Transportation Group, Inc. knows that an efficient business starts with organization. Though often overlooked, your systems furniture is crucial to productivity and organization in the workplace. We help companies best utilize their space with planning and system furniture options, ensuring employee productivity and ergonomics is maximized.


We know how hard it can be to efficiently plan out your business’ interior space. Dealing with multiple furniture vendors, separate transportation companies, and another company to install the furniture properly, the task can be quite cumbersome. Our forward-thinking approach to commercial relocation allows our team of professional furniture space planners and installers to eliminate the need for multiple service suppliers; McCollister’s offers you a one-stop-shop for all services, from planning all the way to installation. Our simplified process saves you time and money but also gives you peace of mind that your office furniture project is planned perfectly and will be executed from start to finish. If you need new operations furniture for your business, help planning the space, or professional installation, McCollister’s Transportation Group, Inc. is your single supplier.


McCollister’s offers a wide range of services for partial or full laboratory relocation.   Packing, loading, transportation, and delivery services from your private facility, hospital, institution or lab.   We offer climate controlled transportation to safely transport temperature sensitives equipment and materials, as well as cryogenic trailers to keep temperature sensitive equipment powered.  Including freezer, refrigerators, samples, and research.

Keeping samples at freezing, ultra-low, or refrigerated temperatures is critical to maintain their overall integrity. With a fleet of trailers that are specially engineered for temperature-dependent transport, McCollister’s is capable of transporting a range of different research experiments, chemicals, and samples at temperatures ranging from -112° F to 39° F. These specialty trailers, combined with our extensive experience in high-value logistics operations, enables McCollister’s to move entire labs at one time. An excellent track record of transportation in the scientific community means customers can be 100% confident using McCollister’s to handle their highly sensitive scientific experiments and operations.

Lab Relocation Services include:

  • Exclusive use
  • Team drivers for direct and / or expedited transit
  • Packing and protecting
  • Relocation of research, samples, and specimens
  • 24-hour control tower and emergency response system
  • Complete “end to end” laboratory relocation services

Commercial / Office Relocation FAQs

Is there a minimum office square footage requirement for commercial relocations?
No, there isn’t a minimum sq. ft. for office relocations; there is no size that is too small or too large.

Will you pack up employee desks or offices?v
Yes, but typically employees pack their own personal areas into provided bins/boxes, and we would pack and unpack as requested common areas, file cabinets, file rooms, supply and storage rooms, etc.

What is the process for packing up computer and phone systems for employee desk stations?
We have our own separate division (MTS) that can disconnect and reconnect as well as reboot of all computers and phones if requested. We also supply antistatic monitor bags that go over the top of the monitor screen and zip lock bags for keyboards, wires, mouse pads, speakers, etc.

What information do I need to gather to get a quote for commercial relocation services?
All that is needed is to request a free onsite survey/walkthrough and we can turn around an estimate in typically 1 to 2 days depending on the size of the relocation project.

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By thoroughly planning your relocation project, we ensure your move is completed on-time using the latest cost-effective techniques, saving you money with the least downtime possible.