Secure Decommissioning & Disposal

Infrastructure and Facility Decommission Services

McCollister’s Technical Services (MTS) offers facility decommission services which include: decommission of data center facilities, removal of CRAC and aircon. units, condensers, fire suppression, generators, raised floors, conduit and structure cabling, ladder racks, cabinets, etc. MTS can decommission a facility ‘down to the slab’, in a full reinstatement project to the original state of the facility, or to ‘white-wall’, or remove equipment inside but leave key infrastructure for future-state use. Likewise, MTS can also look to find value on the secondary market for high value items, such as generators and scrap value for copper, aluminum, and other components found in enterprise data centers.  

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Equipment Decommission and Disposal

  • De-install, pack, remove and transport equipment for proper e-waste disposal and destruction
  • Equipment refresh and lifecycle management for end-of-life devices
  • Component and cable de-install and disposal
  • Certificates of destruction and disposal provided for all equipment
  • Brokerage and re-sale of equipment on secondary market
  • Decommission and replace programs, technology refresh and distribution
  • Devices include: servers, blade chassis, storage arrays, controllers, network equipment, end-user equipment, monitors, printers, and office gear
  • Lease expiration equipment and legacy equipment in storage awaiting final disposition

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Data Center and Facility Decommissioning

  • Infrastructure removal and reinstatement, including: old racks, raised floors, fire suppression systems and gas, cable trays and conduits, cages, network backbone, and other legacy systems
  • Removal and disposal of UPS batteries and systems, air-handlers, chillers, and PDUs
  • Fully customizable solution designed to meet the specific needs for the de-install and removal of IT assets in a fully documented process
  • Wall-to-wall inventory and asset tag process, inventory reconciliation services and decommissioning processes
  • Track record of successful data center and office decommissions, lease returns, secure data disposals, and secure equipment disposals for facilities, large and small

Secure Data Destruction FAQs

What is secure data destruction? What is the process of decommissioning secure data?
The process of destroying data/media using approved industry practices (degaussing/wiping/reformatting/physical) while adhering to regulations from business entities and government laws.

What methods of data destruction that McCollister’s offers?
Degaussing, wiping, and physical destruction.

How do you ethically destroy data?
By gathering standards/guidelines that need to be met with pre-project planning meetings.

What information do I need to gather to get a quote for secure data destruction and/or disposal services?
Number of devices, physical/data destruction, documents needed for services provided (i.e. COD).

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