Secure Decommissioning

Our Mission: Data Security is Our Top Priority

The most integral component to any organization is the data contained on its IT hardware and enterprise storage systems. In recent years, a number of leaks and breaches in data security have highlighted the importance of management, secure handling, and secure data destruction from all data storage media, including: Tape libraries, SAN or NAS storage arrays, server storage, security system data, cloud storage, end-user equipment, or any ‘loose’ media that contains sensitive information. McCollister’s Technical Services (MTS) offers a wide range of services that reduce or eliminate the risks and liabilities posed by improper hardware decommission and data disposal procedures. MTS offers an array of fully customizable onsite and offsite solutions to address any/all customer requirements for secure data disposal, which meet nationally and internationally recognized standards for data destruction and disposal. The solution is fully auditable and secure from end to end to ensure integrity throughout the process. MTS tailors secure data destruction programs for customers based on volume, geography, and frequency, who require periodic and recurring service in a single or multiple locations. All data destruction solutions may be executed onsite or offsite in order to effectively comply with regulatory and customer requirements to minimize the unauthorized release of sensitive data.  

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Methods of Secure Data Destruction for Media

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Degaussing (Magnetic Data Wipe)

  • Onsite magnetic degaussing service eliminates data from tape and magnetic hard disk media
  • Portable machines allow for degaussing to be competed inside data center
  • After degaussing, magnetic tape and HDD media is neutralized and rendered permanently unusable
  • Certificate of degauss issued for all media processed
  • High-efficiency equipment allows for 360+ units of media to be processed per hour
  • Compliant with standards: NIST SP 800-36, NIST SP 800-88, PCI DSS, HIPAA, GLBA, and PIPEDA
  • NSA compliant degausser is available for use if required for NSA/CSS/DoD Top Secret compliance
  • Offsite certified green disposal with certificate of destruction for every project

Physical Destruction

  • MTS has a vast partner network of shredding teams that can accommodate shred projects of varying sizes
  • MTS owns portable media shredding equipment that can be deployed to any location in the USA.
  • MTS data destruction teams can be deployed to site to process media at customer’s location, eliminating any chance of intact media being removed from site.
  • MTS can also provide off site shredding in most geographic locations across the United States
  • Media shredding rates vary from up to 600 per hour.
  • Shred width down to 2mm for SSD & 19mm for HDD
  • Physical destruction can be preceded by degaussing to provide a two (2) layer data destruction process.
  • Offsite certified green disposal with certificate of destruction for every project

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Software Data Elimination

  • Software overwrite for HDD’s and SSD’s compliant with the U.S. Dept. of Defense and NIST standards.
  • Multiple software overwrite options are available including: 1-pass, 3-pass, 7-pass, D.o.D., in addition to many others algorithms
  • McCollister’s has portable erasure equipment that can be deployed throughout the US.
  • All secure data destruction to include
  • Full serialized media inventory
  • Certificate of Destruction

All Secure Data Destruction solutions include a full serialized media inventory and a Certificate of Destruction per the MTS standard solution


Data Center Decommissioning FAQs

What is data center decommissioning?
Data center decommissioning is the shutting down of physical data center equipment and re-purposed at new location (via relocation services) or physically destroying equipment within the proper industry standards for destruction.

What is degaussing?
Degaussing the process of erasing (e.g. wiping) data/media from the servers, drives, and disks.

What is the process for magnetic data wiping? How long does it take?
The process of using a degausser is to disrupt the storage field by emitting an antagonistic magnetic field. Times vary depending on the amount of passes it takes per disk.

Do you offer onsite data center decommissioning?
Yes, McCollister’s offers full onsite and off-site data center decommissioning with certificates of destruction (COD).

What information do I need to gather to get a quote for data center decommissioning and/or secure data disposal services?
Number of devices, physical/data destruction, and any documents needed for services provided (e.g. COD).

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