Tape Library Services

Relocation and Deinstallation for Large Tape Libraries

McCollister’s Technical Services (MTS) has performed hundreds of projects involving the relocation, deinstallation, transportation, and disposal of large tape libraries. MTS transports at least one large tape library weekly across the USA, from vendors, such as Oracle, IBM, Quantum, HP, Spectra Logic, and many others. Our technicians are specialty-trained on large Oracle/SUN/STK Tape Libraries, including the StorageTek SL8500, StorageTek PowderHorn 9310 Tape Silo Library, StorageTek SL3000 Modular Library System, Sun StorageTek L700 Tape Library, StorageTek SL150 Modular Tape Library, and Sun StorageTek L20/L40/L80 Tape Library models. MTS has the resources to provide decontamination for large tape libraries for dust or particulate matter. Full disassembly, cleaning and reassembly services, and decontamination services available. Additionally, MTS performs tape media inventory, degaussing, disposal, secure packing and transport, and reinstallation into the tape library, as required by the customer. MTS is the preeminent and most experienced relocation and disposal service provider for all Oracle tape libraries in the USA.

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The StorageTek SL8500 Modular Library System

MTS owns and utilizes customized specialty packing material to relocate SL8500 Tape Libraries, including ‘Base’ SL8500 Tape Libraries and expanded ‘Base Plus’ SL8500 Tape Libraries. MTS technicians are trained in all hardware aspects of this machine and perform installations, removals, disposals, and salvage SL8500 Tape Libraries for parts, including robot hands, cards, circuit boards, cables, tape drives, and any other item that needs to be salvaged. MTS has the capability to perform a complete SL8500 relocation or de-commission, including technical labor to de-install and de-commission the SL8500, packers, movers, packing material and trucks to transport to destination, capabilities to re-build SL8500 Tape Libraries, and full E-Waste disposal services with a certificate of destruction.

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The StorageTek STK 9310 Powerhorn Tape Library

MTS technicians are very experienced in the de-commission, removal, and disposal of STK 9310 Tape Libraries. The STK 9310 Tape Library is a large form-factor tape library and requires skilled and experienced technicians to decommission and dispose of safely and correctly, without damaging any of the vital equipment or infrastructure nearby in the facility. MTS performs the de-installation and de-commission service, full packing service and provision of packing material, movers, and full logistics to bring the STK 9310 to disposal. A certificate of disposal is also provided. MTS technicians can salvage any item or component on the STK 9310, including: Robot hands, z-column, motors, cables, arrays, door components, tape drives and tape cabinets, LCU, LMU, etc.

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